Trinity Tabernacle Inc. was originally founded under the leadership of Pastor Mary Ann Jones in 1983 in Providence, RI. Located in the comfort of the Jones' home then, services included Sunday worship services along with a popular Bible Study provided for young people. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Jones closed the doors of Trinity in 1990.


Listening to the voice of the Lord yet again, Pastor Jones was called to reopen the doors of Trinity Tabernacle Inc. in 1997. This time, with the assistance of her husband, the Late Overseer Joseph Jones. Along with the reestablishing of the church and new leadership, came the commencement of a new ministry under Trinity, that being, Tri-Christ Ministries. Overseer Joseph Jones shared his revelation inspired by God, marking Trinity Tabernacle Inc., Tri-Christ Ministries, "A Church With A Vision."


As the church continued to expand, Pastor Jones knew it was time for the church to find a home for itself. Through a plan authorized by God, Trinity was able to find a home for itself in East Providence, RI on North Broadway in 1999.
Throughout the past decade, Trinity has seen God move in a mighty way. Although there have been moments of tribulation and times of struggle, God has favored the faithfulness of His people, and continues to bring Trinity out. Trinity recognizes the importance of the Word of God and listens keenly to his voice.


Six years ago, the Lord inspired Pastor Mary Ann Jones with a theme that would reignite spirits of faithfulness; encouraging members, visitors, and the community with "In 2010, We Win: Achieving Wholeness Everyday." Yearly themes continue today  to uplift the people, inspire change, and call for a deeper relationship with God.


Along with the positive charge that God bestowed on his people through theme, Trinity welcomed New Life Ministry to merge; and in 2011, God called another integration to take place through the Portuguese church, El Shaddai. With a fresh bilingual partnership, Trinity gladly received this new ministry.


And in 2012, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, Tri-Christ Ministries extended their name, amplifying the needs of the community and the people of God: renaming the ministry, Tri-Christ Multicultural Outreach Ministries!